Nokia released the cheapest WP8 phone Lumia 620


Nokia today at the LeWeb Conference on Science and Technology released a new Windows Phone handsets – Lumia 620,which maybe the cheapest WP8 phone now.

Lumia 620 is equiped with a 3.8 inches ClearBlack WVGA screen with resolution of 800×480; Qualcomm S4 1GHz dual-core GPU, a 500-megapixel main camera and VGA front camera; storage space is only 8GB, but can be expanded via microSD.

Lumia 620 has seven kinds of colors, you can also replace the shell according to phone color. Lumia 620 adopts Windows Phone 8 system with many Nokia exclusive applications installed.

As Nokia said, Lumia 620 is defined as an User affordable Windows Phone 8 mobile phone, priced at $ 249. In January next year, Lumia 620 will be first saled in the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets, and then will be launched in Europe and other markets.

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How to build Flash page flipping book easily on Windows 8

In IT circles, one of biggest events recently is that Microsoft had officially launched Windows 8 Operating System in New York no long ago. After a long term waiting with all kinds of rumors, finally Microsoft unveiled the new Windows OS, which is redesigned to be tablet-friendly. At the same time when released the new system, Microsoft also launched its own tablet, the Surface to compete with iPad. And Surface is deemed to be going to capture the same magic Apple has. Let’s see whether this end up being truth.


Following the debut of Windows 8, many people are curious about what the new system will be like. According to official statement and experience of Windows 8 users, the next Windows system has an speedier boot time than Window 7, an brand-new innovative and dynamic desktop(known as the Metro) with much app tiles and improved search function, and the most important feature is that Windows 8 is tablet-friendly, in other word, system supports screen touch operating.

how to make flash page flip book on Windows 8


1 Fast Boot Time

The load and boot up speed has improved significantly over Windows’ predecessors. This is partly due to the better resource allocations to applications and the system. When compared with Windows 7 desktop CPU, Windows 8 has an even speedier boot time.

2 Metro UI

The tiles-based interface, or the Metro UI, will be the first thing you see when logging in to Windows 8. At first glance, the new UI seems to go intuitively with touchscreen devices like tablets and smart phones. Indeed, in such devices, you tap on those apps to open them. The grid layout seems to facilitate such interactions. Needless to say, you can customize your grid by adding and arranging applications.

3 Improved Search Function

8 has no search box at the bottom of the Start menu. Heck, it doesn’t even have the trademark Start menu! That doesn’t mean that there’s no convenient search function available. All you need to do is to type anything, and a search box will appear from the right and give you the results. The search capability is even stronger this time, displaying all the matching apps and files instantaneously.


Among much new features, as for old users of Windows system, we most concern about whether Windows 8 provides support for older Windows applications, this is really a serious problem. And good news is that Microsoft has given a positive answer. More exciting, after a set of practical tests, Page Turning Maker software is proved to be compatible with Windows 8 system. There is no need to worry about how to make Flash publications like flip book, Flash magazine with attractive page turning animation effect on Windows 8, because Page Turning software will be of great help to you and make your work easy. Don’t hesitate and go ahead now to download and install freely to create your own digital virtual book page turn like paper book. There are a lot of funs waiting you to discover.

Tips to Make User-friendly Flash Page Flipping Publication

Have you ever try yo read the content but waited a long time in loading? Are you reading a digital book, Flash magazine and so on with disgusting look and featureless functions? If you receive such a defective digital publication from your business partners, friends, etc, you will be disappointed about this. It is said that the user experience is not only shocking innovation, but also many undervalued details. When create digital publishing publications like ebook, magazine, shopping catalog for online presentation or marketing, it is important to make the publication user-friendly.
Besides the content of book, a good reading experience of Flash page flip book may comes from the following aspects:  a swift loading, fluent reading, an attractive look and rich set of features. For those who make their Flash page turning publication with Page Turning Maker software, here are some very helpful tips to make your digital Flash magazine more user-friendly.
1 Speed up the loading
Loading is the very first step to show the page turning book readers the book and leave a first impression in readers’ mind. In modern life, the faster is the better, and people generally pay no patience to wait for something. Therefore a quick loading speed is necessary for a flip book. With Page Turning Maker software, you are enabled to speed up the book loading by adjusting page quality, decreasing needless functional buttons and modifying multimedia elements.
2 Apply free beautiful theme
To present the readers a wonderful appearance of flip book, Page Turning Maker software allows users to design the template, layout, background, bar color and font color of a book with their own materials. Page Turning Maker also provides very rich free themes and templates for users to download and apply to quick build elegant page turning publication for free. With the free themes provided, you are taking the easiest way to design pretty flip book, and able to complete your work of creating flash book page turn like paper book in several simple steps.
3 Add functional button to Flash page turn book
Page Turning Maker software provides a very rich set of designing settings, allows users to create page flip book with rich features. For example, you can enable the search function of book, add download button and print button to flip book, add sound and customize actions.

Facebook Acknowledged The Slow Development of Mobile Business

(Page Turning Book)Vaughan Smith, vice president of Facebook’s mobile business in Global Mobile Internet Conference in San Jose, California on Friday acknowledged that Facebook failed to implement “fast action” slogan in the area of mobile services.

Smith said, Facebook has a lot of opportunities in mobile business. The decline in the price of smart phones means that more and more people in the world will get a mobile device. In addition, there are more and more people start using mobile data services. He said: “Facebook is one of the key reasons for pushing users to do so. In emerging markets, they are not saying that want to go online, but only want to log into Facebook.

Smith also said that the target of previous Facebook is to transplant web service as much as possible to cell phones. At present, “we completely changed the way of product development.”

Facebook now primarily concernes with mobile services, most of the mobile service codes come from the key product development teams, rather than the existing products “mobile” team. Smith pointed out, this is Facebook’s important changes. Other hand, Facebook is to invest more resources in developing mobile native applications, instead of HTML5 applications. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, recently talked about this too.

In business model, Facebook is trying to strengthen mobile advertising business. The first quarter of this year, the mobile advertising business did no contribution for Facebook’s revenue, but Facebook has started the ads of position of the mobile dynamic summary. Smith said that mobile advertising point pass rate is 10 times that of desktop advertising, and “just kind of product development early stages”.

Facebook also to help mobile operators. Smith said that the possibility of Facebook users to replace the carrier is 18% lower than the average. He said: “By working together, we will make the world more open and interconnected further.”(Flip Video Mac)

Create Flash Page Turning E-publication Readable on iPhone 5

Last month, on September in technology sector a lot of big events happened, the biggest event, however, was still that Apple released new generation of iPhone – iPhone 5. Lighter and slimmer along with a faster chip and larger screen, the new Apple smartphone iPhone 5 come into world with more brand-new features.

Before it was released, iPhone 5 had become a hot topic in both people’s daily life and online communication. And its release still attracted a lot of attention, some were amazed at its new functions, and some were not optimistic about its success. However, you have to admit that iPhone 5 is really cool and wonderful.
Perhaps for Page Turning Maker software users, the issues most concerned about are that whether Page Turning Maker software can produce Flash page flip magazine readable on iPhone 5 or not, and how to create Flash page turning e-publication viewable on iPhone 5 to reach your clients with Page Turning software. In fact, these issues do not need to worry about, because Page Turning Maker series Flash magazine creators provide simple ways to make wonderful page flip books which are viewable on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Flash page turning book on iPhone 5
How to make digital page turn publication viewable on iPhone 5
1. Make Mobile version of flip book for iPhone
Firstly you should import file, then edit and customize Flash page turning book appearance and features based on your need. Finally choose output type as HTML format when defining output option, and do tick “Also Make Mobile Version” in output type section (the output file can be read directly on iPhone 5).
2. Upload Flash page turning book to web
As we know, iPhone users can view any web content via the web browser on iPhone, therefore you can also upload created page turning magazine to website or embedded it into webpage for viewing on iPhone. After you finish designing Flash magazine, you choose to output magazine in HTML format, then upload all produced files to website. Then you can enter the correct network address into the web browser in iPhone to enjoy the fantastic page turning animation effect.
3. Upload to Page Turning Maker server
The newest version of Page Turning Maker software allows users to upload their generated page turning book to free server provided by Page Turning Maker so that the books can be viewed via Internet on iPhone 5. Software also provides online flip book management functions for user to manage their online book conveniently.

Bad Piggies Become the Best-selling iPhone Paid Application in America at Its First Day of Release

The “Angry Birds” developer Rovio a few days ago launched a new game called “Bad Piggies” and at the first day of publishing the game reached the United States ranking top of the iPhone and iPad paid apps.
Bad Piggies was priced at $ 0.99, and landed ios, android and mac platforms. In the game, players can give bad pig to build a simple device to help them to steal the delicious eggs, and the goal is to try to steal the most eggs.
According to the data of AppData which is a third-party research institution to track user downloads, Bad Piggies in the United States iphone and ipad applications rankings came out on top. The game has not yet landed a Google application store google play. Rovio yet to comment.
As Reuters points out, the release of Bad Piggies means a lots to Rovio. Since Rovio may choose to be listed in the next year, once its games are popular in the App Store, then this will push Rovio ‘s valuation increases. Some analysts estimate Rovio’s market value at between 6 billion and 9 billion U.S. dollars, almost equal to, another well-known company in Finland, mobile phone maker Nokia.

Do you want to create your own digital Flash page turning publication with fashionable page turning animation effect to attract eyeballs? Professional Flash magazine maker – Page Turning Maker will be an ideal solution for you. With page turning software, you can easily build page turn PDF, Flash flip Office, flip photo gallery and flip video mac. Moreover, the generated publication can be read both online and offline.

Hitachi Release the Quartz Glass Data Storage Technology That Can Stored Data Permanently

(Page Turning)According to media reports, Hitachi has announced a brand new quartz glass data storage technology have been developed, by the use of this technology data retention time can be as long as hundreds of millions of years.
 Quartz Glass Data Storage Technology of Hitachi
This storage technology’s storage unit is composite by the side length of 2 cm and a thickness of 2 mm square quartz glass. And per square inch can be stored 40MB of data, the data is burnt by laser action point on the quartz glass according to the four-layered structure in binary format, and can be read by using a conventional optical microscope. Hitachi said it can increases the storage capacity by adding more layers to the storage unit.
One of the Hitachi researchers, said, “The amount of data created every day is explosively growing, but for saving the data, our technical improvement is not obvious, increasing the possibility of data loss. Users must have rich experience; otherwise you may encounter problems that can not recover the lost data. “
Hitachi, said even under an environment at 1000 degrees Celsius for two hours, the data stored in quartz glass will not be destroyed. In addition, the storage of the quartz glass can also be against with radiation, water and various chemicals.
Hitachi is still not decided whether to configure and use the chip of this technology, it is supposed this chip will initially be applied to the data storage service in government departments, museums and religious organizations.

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